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Why Choose Us

Powerideas is an experienced and professional installer of solar power systems.  We Provide our clients with a wide range of payment options to best suit their needs. Our clients have access to the best quality solar products available to the global market. 
We only Use Tier 1 Products

In our packages, we only select product that we trust. Every product we sell is Tier 1 and tested and supplied by well established and reputable brands within the solar industry.

Choose Accredited Installers

Our expert installation teams are all Clean Energy Council accredited installers and ensure all products are installed to the high standards.

Superior Warranty

All of our products come with performance warranty, product warranty and a 60 Month workmanship warranty on installation quality.

How it works

Choosing solar is never
going to be easier

Electricity has never been more expensive and solar has never been cheaper. With the current government rebate included in our pricing, we can offer solar systems that recoup their outlay in energy savings in three years or less. We also have payment options in which the monthly repayment is the same or less than the saving provided by the system.

Express Quote

STEP 1 – Place Your Order

Simply fill our online quote form and one of our friendly specialists will be contact with your to finalise your order. You can also call us at 1300 769 371 or send a email to info@powerideas.com.au

STEP 2 – Installation

Our team will arrange an installation date with you and our Clean Energy Council accredited installers will be around to set up your solar system. Most standard installations take less than a day.

STEP 3 – After Service

We provide quality assurance checks after installation as well as superior warranties on workmanship and all products.

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With the Free solar System Plan, you can have solar panels and a battery installed at your place for free, you just pay for the energy it produces at a low, fixed rate! You can instantly lower your energy costs.

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