10kw Solar Package Includes:

30~32 Platinum Tier 1 Panels
  • With options of latest half-cut technology
  • Slower power degradation of Mono and Poly solar cell
  • High module conversion efficiency
  • Severe Weather Resilience
  • High power class of solar panel is available
Top Brand Inverter
  • Maximum efficiency of 99% ensures top solar yield
  • Highly flexible design reducing cabling requirements
  • Standard web connect for free monitoring
  • IP65 casing for outdoor use

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    We’ve recommended a system size and estimated savings based on your electricity bill and other information you provided us. We have assumed you will purchase your system upfront

    Estimated savings include an estimate of how grid electricity could be replaced by solar electricity, and how much surplus energy you export back to the grid. Calculations use the Standing Contract ‘Peak Only’ tariff for your Network distribution zone and may vary if you are on a ‘Time of Use’ tariff. Rates vary between network distribution zones, and in the circumstances where multiple Network distributors participate within a postcode, we will default to one which may not be yours.

    Your actual savings may vary according to a range of factors including your location, which direction your roof faces, the pitch or angle of your roof, shading or obstruction and weather/climate conditions.

    The recommended system and costs are based on our Advantage Range and assume roof orientation of north and a roof pitch (angle) of 30 degrees.

    Calculation saving base on Sydney Location and average electricity rate :$0.24