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Solar energy is captured in a variety of ways, the most common way is through photovoltaic solar panels which will convert sun’s rays into usable electricity, such as using photovoltaics to generate electricity. Besides, solar energy is also used in thermal applications, for instance, to heat indoor spaces or fluids. Nowadays, more and more residential and commercial property owners are using solar energy, by installing solar panel and solar systems so as to utilise sun’s energy with solar technology.

Interested in benefiting from solar power? Most of the residential-scale usage in solar panel for home is typically installed on rooftops and is mostly between 5kw to 20 kw, depending on the size of your home. Commercial solar energy panels generally take larger size and scale, and the purpose is to provide on-site solar power to businesses.

It is very important for you to understand which type of solar panel package is suitable for you. The first step we suggest would be ask us for the specific type of solar panels. For some solar shoppers who may not be able to install solar on their property, community solar is a good solar option. If you design to use solar panels for residential use, you can also enquiry us for free. In powerideas, we offer you all types of solar products, including 5kw system package, 10 kw system package and solar system with battery package based on different size of house.

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