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Inverter Covers

Just like the rugged protective casings we use for our smart phones, inverter covers are typically installed to offer a higher degree of UV, Rain and Hail damage protection. It’s not a necessity but don’t we all say the same about smartphone covers?



Pros: Offers enough protection from rain and afternoon sun.
Cons: May not be aesthetically pleasing if the inverters are installed in the front of the property.


Fully enclosed

Pros: Offers significantly higher protection from Hail, rain and sun.
Can be made to order depending on the area available next to the meter box.
Cons: A bit on the expensive side.

Bird Nest

Tired of seeing birds nesting underneath your solar system ? Protect your panels from birds in the most humanely possible way. Contact us now to find out more.

Solar water repellent Coating and panel cleaning

Did you know that a little detailing of your solar panels can significantly reduce your system maintenance costs for up to 5 years?
Get in touch with us today to find out more about NanomanSolar Protective coatings

Solar Analytics

Worried whether your solar systems is underperforming or why your e-bills are not going down even after getting solar? Shift the power back into your hands by tracking your live production and consumptions. Little changes in patterns is all it takes to make massive differences in electricity bills. Register your interest with us today!

solar analytics
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Old Solar System

If you wish to remove your old solar systems, we have you covered. Our service team will carefully remove the existing system on your home and leave it at your preferred allotted space.

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