Powerideas Services


Customize Solar System Design.

We help you to determine the system size necessary to reduce your electricity bills in the most cost-effective way possible for your needs. We also use aerial imaging software to determine whether your system will require micro inversion or panel optimization technologies.


Products Selection

Depending on the needs of your residence or business, we can recommend different products to fit different performance and warranty needs. Our products range from top end Hyundai and LG panels with 25 year warranties, to the more budget conscious ET panels with 15 year warranties. We also provide a wide range of tier
one inverters and batteries.


Grid connection/voltage rise calculation.

We help you to conduct a voltage rise calculation for your system to get the grid connection approval from the electricity distributor before the installation


Electricity Consumption Analysis.

Our experienced representatives can analyse your consumption patterns in respect to the savings provided by a solar power system. From this analysis, we can predict approximate savings as well as provide advice on how to best maximise your savings.


Finance Solutions.

We work closely with our financial partners to offer a range of payment options for our customers. Our aim is to ensure that your quarterly electricity bill savings are greater than your payments over the same period.